You Need to Know the Origin of Mixed Martial Arts (MMA)

Long-time ago, human beings tried to protect and defend themselves. Our ancestors created stony axes to hunt, to slice animal meat, to fight and to protect themselves. Time goes by. Human being keeps trying to create a more efficient way to survive.

Merchants traveled from one place to another. Sometimes, it takes a very long time. They have to pass on ling road, jungle, and unknown places. A problem comes when they are raided by bad people, bandits, criminals, and the likes. Those bad people want to take all the money and belongings forcefully. Often, they kill the merchants or rich people on the road brutally. Some women even get raped and then be killed too.

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Long-time ago

Not only that, the same things go to nomads. They can be in danger when they arrive in other places outside their homeland. In the past, soldiers must learn some skill to kill the enemy and protect their land or country. Hence, some skillful people create a system to defend and to destroy enemies. They call it martial arts. Each tribe in each land has got its own style of martial arts. Some tribe calls it Pencak silat, karate, wushu, kung fu, tae kwon do, jujitsu, Kenpo so on and so forth. Each school of martial arts has its own modification, style, and background.

On the one hand, in a land, where the people work as farmers or some profession which is related to trade on land, cutting down trees in a forest, farming, plantation, gardening, and other land works, the martial arts are very close to low stances.

This kind of position belongs to the tiger style. This style can be found in silat Harimau in Sumatra, Indonesia. This style is very famous around the world. The weapon that you can use in this style is called karambit. Some people say that this weapon is the second most dangerous hand-to-hand weapon after pistol.

And, in a land where most people work in water or the works are related to water, the martial art styles are close to high stance. The deadly styles belong to Indonesian Pencak silat.

Panglipur and other Javanese Pencak silat are well-known worldwide for their deadly technique even it is scarier than the Shaolin has.

The Origin of Mixed Martial Arts

Interestingly, there are many styles of martial arts worldwide. Some martial art thinkers argue that a combination of those styles will bear an ultimate martial art.

Lena Ovchynnikova
Lena MMA fighter
Lena Ovchynnikova MMA fighter

They call it mixed martial arts, MMA. Some martial artists try to create a new style of fighting. They mix all techniques that they think more relevant and more efficient in combat. They cast aside some techniques that they consider useless in a real fight. They try their best to create their own.

Nowadays, the growth of mixed martial arts fans increases rapidly like the growth of bacteria. Some martial art disciples think that it is fantastic to combine many styles into one. Moreover, they think that they do not need to spend lots of time learning many styles in many places in their whole life. Notwithstanding, it depends on how great and how experienced the teachers are. Long hours of experience of a teacher are needed to train disciples.

Mixed Martial Arts Competition

Good news for those who live fighting in a ring. These days, they can be a professional mixed martial arts fighter legally. There are many competitions that are held every year worldwide. You can earn lots of money from it too. Make sure you do not let yourself get killed or injured fatally in a fight! There is no need to worry because it is legal i.e. you do not need to kill your rival in a competition vice versa you will not get killed either.

Mist of styles that commonly combined by mix martial arts artists is Pencak silat, boxing, karate, jujitsu, and systema. Even though there are many possibilities in creating one.


There are many schools that you can go to. Clearly you have to pay for some amount of money for it. Another possibility is that you learn it by yourself. You are lucky because you live as generation Z. There many videos of martial arts that you can watch and get inspired. Combine and create your own style.

Career on MMA

You can be a movie star or a great trainer from it. Nowadays, action movies develop fantastically. It looks like Bruce Lee lives forever. There are many newborn martial artists from various countries.

Today, it is not always Chinese who is considered good at the art. Other Asian countries namely Indonesia, Thailand, Malaysia, Brunei, Philippine, and others bear amazing fighters too. The growth of action movies that encloses mix martial arts flies fast like a falcon.

If you get old enough and cannot do the best like the old days, you can be a movie director. You can be rich too. It is like a cycle you know. When you were young, you were the best of your kind.

Nonetheless, when time sucks up your youth like crazy, the movie director is really promising for you. Trust me, you can earn from this wonderful thing. It is not only Hollywood movies or Chinese movies that look amazing in this case. You can watch Indonesian action movies too. They are amazing mu man!

The Decision

Now, it is time to decide. You can be the best of the art by practicing now or be a big fan of it. Clearly, at least by exercising, you will always be healthy. Remember, healthy is more expensive than titanium buddy! There is some bonus if you do the art besides healthy i.e. you can save your own life and other people that you care about. Be healthy, be a warrior and keep your environment safe. The world is lack of heroes these days. Even Superman has not come back yet from his mission in a faraway galaxy. Stay alert and see you later!

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