MMA – A Sport becoming increasingly popular

Mixed Martial arts or commonly known as MMA is a full-contact combat body sport in which the fighters use techniques from various martial arts and combat sports like Jiu-Jitsu, Muay Thai, Taekwondo, Sambo, Karate etc. This sport is a really violent sport, but it is also the part which makes it all the more interesting to watch. Over the past few decades, the popularity of MMA has highly increased and it can now be found in many countries. The few reasons for its increasing popularity are.

Mixed Martial arts MMA
Image by Mirko Zax

Exciting to Watch

Ever since the middle ages, humans have a tendency to see people fight and this hasn’t changed even now. MMA is basically a sport where two people fight, throwing punches, kicks, elbows, knees and showing various techniques making the match extremely exciting for the people to watch.

People From Different Countries

Any sport which is diverse will be pretty hit with the people, MMA as the name suggests consists of several martial arts also has people coming from various countries, such as Netherlands, Poland, Japan, South Korea etc apart from the US making it really tempting to watch.

The Movie Warrior

Warrior is a 2011 Hollywood movie based on MMA, I can bet that is one of the big reason for the MMA to become popular. The movie was well-received by the audience and it also increased their curiosity regarding the sport, after following the release of the movie, MMA became really popular especially with the young people and more and more people started joining gyms for MMA.

Warrior – Opening Scene – Paddy Meets Tommy – Full HD


Any sport that is pretty popular among the masses, there will be gambling on it and MMA is one of those sports where the business of gambling is thriving. This is a very huge business making millions of dollars, more and more people have started betting on MMA fights and there are various places where you can place your bet.

Social media

From the expansion of social media and the internet space, many things have benefitted from it and MMA is one of those, it can be considered as one of the reasons why so many people all over the world have become its fan. The MMA fighters themselves are social media stars having a huge following and in turn also making them the fan of the sports.

Shown in Sports Channel’s

Television is one of those things which has a huge outreach in the homes of people, as the MMA fights are broadcasted on the sports channel, many people have used to watching it, making it increasingly popular. There are also pay per view fights among different fighters which have also boosted its popularity.

MMA in Tokyo
Image by Mirko Zax

MMA is one of those sports which when you start watching, you will get completely immersed in it because it’s that fun to watch and watching it even make your blood boil. MMA is also becoming popular in nations other than the US such as Japan, Thailand, South Korea etc and more and more people are increasingly getting attracted to it and it seems like the trend will continue for a long time.

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