Muay Thai- The Art of Eight Limbs

Muay Thai – The Art of Eight Limbs.

Muay Thai is the ancient martial art and it was developed over hundreds of years ago. It’s known for its efficiency, simplicity and tremendous power.
This combat system is characterized by the use of elbows,
knees, fists, and feet. It employs the combination of eight points and hence called as the art of eight limbs.
It’s regarded as the effective fighting styles among all martial arts. Muay Thai was actually originated in Thailand and it’s the enhancement of olden martial art Muay Boran.
Muay Boran is the art employed in ancient days for providing training to the royal and military guard.
In all festive ceremonies, Muay Thai is considered as the part and it is similar to boxing and hence considered as a perfect base for offering training to the individuals.
As mentioned earlier, it’s regarded as one of the popular and regularly practiced martial arts in the world.
Do you want to know why this art is so popular among all other martial arts in the world?
Here are some reasons why this art is popular. Let’s
explore those reasons one after the other.

Powerfull Sport – Martial Art

#1- Regarded as the most striking art of the world.
It’s the most striking art of the world since it is powerful and efficient since evolution. Highly skilled
practitioners have propagated this art to extremely high level by their dedication and will power.
#2- Efficient art
It is the combat sport and martial art unlike any other art in the world. It employs the use of elbows,
hands, and knees and it allows the practitioner to use all kinds of weapons available on their body like
punching, kicking and clinch.
#3- Simple and easy to learn
It’s highly specialized with hundreds of unique techniques and at the same time all those techniques are
simple to practice and learn. It’s compatible for all age groups and suitable for men, children and women.
#4- Highly suitable for Self-defense
This martial art is perfectly suitable for real-life encounters and it is bounteous with throwing techniques, locks in addition to other techniques.
The mind and body condition of the practitioners involved in this art
gives them a confidence which is actually needed for real-life self-defense situations.
#5- It’s a combination anaerobic and aerobic workout Muay Thai is been practiced just to elevate the level of physical fitness and toughness.
With the combo of jumping, running and other physical workouts it gives your body a sort of aerobic workout and by following punching and kicking one develops anaerobic endurance.
Overall, Martial arts are being developed and practiced nowadays just to develop confidence and self-defense.
It helps to burn almost 1,000 calories a day and thus one needs will power and dedication for achieving success in this art.
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