Shaolin Kung Fu. Origin and Characteristics

Origin and Characteristics of Shaolin Kung Fu

Shaolin Kung Fu, Before digging into the historical backdrop, it’s first imperative to recognize what the expression “Kung Fu” implies in China.

Kung Fu is extremely a term that alludes to any individual achievement or refined expertise that is accomplished after diligent work. In this way, if you focus to drop your opposing individual with a turning back kick, that is Kung Fu!

Regardless of how Kung Fu is characterized in China, the term is generally utilized over the world to portray a huge segment of the Chinese martial arts. Interestingly, Shaolin Kung Fu signifies the Chinese martial arts styles that began with and keep on being attached to the Shaolin priests and religious community.

The Early History of Shaolin Kung Fu

From 58 to 76 A.D., Indian and Chinese relations started to develop. At the same time, the idea of Buddhism turned out to be progressively famous in China as priests went among India and China.

An Indian priest Bodhidharma played a prominent role in the advancement of the Chinese martial arts. It is trusted that he lectured the priests at the Shaolin Temple in China. While there, he teaches martial arts to the monks there and it forms the base of Shaolin Kung Fu.

Despite the fact that Bodhidharma’s role in martial arts history isn’t sure, the priests became martial arts specialists after his unbelievable landing.

Popular Use of Shaolin Kung Fu in History

The Tang Dynasty saw 13 warrior priests and they helped the Tang ruler to save his child, Li Shimin, from a soldier army and overthrew the ruling party.

At the point when Li Shimin became emperor, he called Shaolin the “Prominent Temple” in China and encouraged learning trades between the majestic court, armed forces, and the Shaolin priests.

The decimation of Shaolin Temple

Shaolin Temple was burnt by Qing rulers and the whole temple burned to the ground since Ming followers lived there. They additionally restricted the act of Shaolin Kung Fu.

This brought about the priests scattering, where they were presented to other hands to martial art styles they used to improve Shaolin Kung Fu when it wound up lawful once more.

It’s Characteristics

Shaolin Kung Fu, similar to the majority of the Kung Fu styles, is principally a striking style of military craftsmanship that uses kicks, squares, and punches to stop assailants.

One thing that is inescapable in Kung Fu is the sheer magnificence of the structures they practice, and in addition, the blend of open and shut hand strikes to safeguard against enemies. There is a negligible on joint locks and throws. It likewise uses both hard and delicate methods. The Shaolin styles focus on kicks and wide positions.
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Its Ultimate Goals

The essential objectives of Shaolin Kung Fu are to secure against enemies and drop them rapidly with strikes. Also, this art too possesses a philosophical side since it is firmly attached to Buddhist and Taoist standards.

Shaolin Kung Fu sub-styles additionally have an extremely dramatic nearness. In this way, a few experts have the objective of aerobatic exhibition and amusement, more than reasonableness.