The Great Gama. For 5 decades never defeated

His Life History

GHULAM MOHD BUTT OR GAMA PAHALWAAN (1882-1960) life history will be inadequate without referencing the name of Raja Bhawani Singh of Datia state. Raja Bhawani Singh, who was actually GAMA’s dad Aziz Bux Butt an outstanding wrestler of his time.

The Great Gama

Tragically Aziz Bux Butt doesn’t take care of Gama when he was young and it was his uncle Ida Pahalwan who took GAMA under his consideration and prepared him at first.

Apart from Ida Pahalwan, GAMA additionally got training from his uncle Buta Pahalwan. Buta was also from a Kashmiri group and then he settled in Amritsar.

Barkat Ali who has composed a short Biography on GAMA explained that “Aziz Baksh’s demise left a profound impact on his young child.

Gama was, indeed, not recounted his dad’s demise for very nearly a year, amid which time he is said to have gone hunting down him through the area paths where he and his more distant family lived, following the courses he had voyage while being carried on his dad’s shoulders with expectations of discovering him at a companion or relative’s home.

Being consistently informed that his dad needed him to end up the world’s most noteworthy wrestler, Young GAMA guaranteed his coaches that he will do as such by diligent work.

This additionally gave GAMA a profoundly established, driving desire to be the best that his dad needed him to be. That likewise made GAMA win his first match composed by Maharaja of Jodhpur.

It was a challenge of DANDS (Push-ups) and BAITHAKS (Free Squats) by senior wrestlers from different states.” His biographers have depicted GAMA as “Simple, honest, practically unskilled and a lucid individual.”

The Great Gama squat
The Great Gama squat.

GAMA’S Achievements

Before 1947, GAMA won wrestling rivalries at Gwalior, Bhopal, Tikamargh, Datia, Indore, Baroda, Amritsar, and Lahore.

Around 1909 he picked up acknowledgement as Indian boss when he crushed his celebrated opponent Gulam Mohiuddin (another outstanding wrestler of Kashmiri inception).

And then in 1910, he stuck the powerful Rahim Sultaniwali in a wrestling session at Allahabad. Rahim Sultaniwali was a famous wrestler of Punjab who had a place with a Kashmiri family from Gujranwala.

Famous wrestling advertiser R B Benjamin got him to England 1910 where he tossed difficulties to practically all wrestlers of the world.

It was in England that he turned into a world wrestling symbol. During the rising of Raheem Bakshi Sultaniwalla, Gama turned into an image of solidarity and manliness in the whole subcontinent.

In any case, subsequent to vanquishing the best wrestler of his time, Stanislaus Zbyszko, Gama turned into the best on the planet and the title of Rustam-e-Zamana was presented on him.

In January 1928, Maharaja of Patiala organized a Grand session in Patiala that included GAMA and his Polish adversary Zbyszko.

Truth be told an exceptional arena was raised at Patiala to suit the onlookers including Maharaja of Bharatpur, Nawab of Bhopal, Senior British authorities like Harcourt Butler and Leslie Scot, Maharaja of Kashmir and Royals from Patiala family.

To the amazement of all, Gama tossed Zbyszko to ground in 42 seconds and won the title. The groups turned joyous. Indeed, even Maharaja of Patiala came down to grasp GAMA and gave him his very own Pearl Necklace and a silver mace.

GAMA was likewise allowed a yearly stipend of 6000 rupees from Patiala Darbar. The Hindustan Times issue of 31st January 1928 delivered news as below,


GAMA crushed anyone and everyone in wrestling sessions in India and abroad. From Rustam-e-Punjab, he moved to end up Rustam-e-Hind lastly Rustam-e-Zamaana.

Gama likewise vanquished Jesse Paterson from Sweden in an expert session before formally resigning in 1952.

Gama additionally made a record in weight lifting. In 1902, While in Baroda for a wrestling Bout, GAMA lifted a stone weighing around 1200 Kgs that was lying in Nazarbaug Palace Mandvi.

This specific stone untruth protected in a Museum in Baroda with a Note as to its lifting by Great Gama. The stone was moved inside the Museum with the utilization of a Hydraulic Machine.

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The Great Gama diet

Amid his dynamic period as a wrestler, Gama was devouring 7.5 litres of milk, also used to eat 750 grams of butter, he used to have four dozen eggs for breakfast, around 2 kgs of Dry foods grown from the ground kilograms of crisp natural product every day.

In Jodhpur, he was under the supervision of his Guru and wrestler Madho Singh who had prescribed this eating routine to him

The Great Gama workout

His training included 5000 squats and 3000 pushups and grappling with 40 of his followers. Every day! His training method also inspired Bruce Lee.

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